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Meta Data Tagging

Meta Data Tag


-Song name


-Artist Name


-Songwriter Name (s)


-IRSC Code






-label (if applicable)




*WAV files cannot have Meta Data added to them after mastering. They can, it’s just more difficult to find legitimate programs. Again, why it is best to have this done before mastering is finished.


*Just send the ISRC code along with the song like DMDS. This is not how DMDS works, and if your song does not have your name and song title on it the file will not even be opened. Without the ISRC code you will not get paid Royalties. International radio receives anywhere from 3-5000 songs a month. They don’t have time to enter your codes manually.


*If the song has the Meta Data on it for CD Baby or another streaming platform, you’re fine. Wrong the two things have nothing to do with each other.

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